tamper evident seal

What is a Tamper Evident Seal, and Why Do You Need Them?

Tamper Evident Seals are an essential part of any packaging process. They provide a clear and visible indication that the package has not been opened or tampered with since it was sealed.

They are used in all kinds of industries, from food and pharmaceuticals to retail products and automobiles. The seals are applied to the product packaging, usually on the top or bottom, to provide assurance that the product has not been tampered with during transit.

Tamper Evident Seals protect both you and your customers from fraud by ensuring that the product is exactly as it should be – untouched by anyone other than you.

Different Types of Tamper Evident Seals for Different Uses

Tamper evident seals are used to protect products from being tampered with in transit. They are also used to prevent tampering of products at the point of sale. There are different types of tamper evident seals for different uses.

The most common type of tamper evident seal is the shrink wrap seal. This is a plastic film that shrinks when heated, creating a tight, airtight seal around the product it’s protecting. It’s perfect for protecting items like clothing, electronics, or fragile items that need protection from dust and moisture during shipping or storage.

The second type of tamper evident seal is the security tape seal. These seals use an adhesive backing to stick directly onto a product and create a paper-thin layer that can be peeled off if broken but can’t be removed without

How to Choose the Right Size of Tamper Evident Seal for Your Product Packaging

Tamper evident seals are used to protect the integrity of a product and its packaging. There are various sizes of tamper evident seals available in the market, so choosing the right size is important.

The size of a tamper evident seal is determined by the weight and dimensions of a product. One should consider these dimensions when selecting a seal for their product packaging.

What Is the Difference Between Standard Labels & Security Labels?

The difference between standard labels and security labels is that security labels are made of a special material that is difficult to remove without an official machine.

Security labels are usually used for items such as medicine, jewelry, and electronics.

tamper evident seal

How to Apply a Clear Label or Security Label on Your Package/Box in Easy Steps

When you are shipping your goods, you need to make sure that the package is tamper proof. This is where a tamper evident label comes in handy. The label will show if someone has tried to open the package or not.

Labels are used to identify and provide information about the content of a package or box. Labels can be clear, tamper-evident, security, or any other type. Security labels are usually used in high-risk situations where it is important to ensure that the contents of the package remain intact and undisturbed.

The following steps will guide you through the process of applying your own tamper evident labels on your packages/boxes:

– Step 1: Select the size and shape of your label.

– Step 2: Select a color for your label.

– Step 3: Select a design for your label.

– Step 4: Select a material for your label -Step 5: Enter text into the text box and select font size, typeface, and alignment (left, center, right).

-Step 6: Enter what should be on.